Introducing the art of Arabic, Ottoman, & Persian calligraphy

Classes and teachers

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North America

Scripts ‘n’ Scribes Ebru, calligraphy, and other classes related to Islamic art held both in-person and online.Online and locations around Virginia / Maryland
Elinor Aishah HollandOffers regular courses in thuluth and naskh scripts onlineOnline / New York
Nihad DukhanOffers occasional calligraphy workshopsMichigan
Reed Society for the Sacred ArtsOffers occasional calligraphy workshopsWashington, DC
Mamoun SakkalContact about upcoming workshops or classes in Arabic calligraphyWashington state
Ali RouhfarContact about upcoming Persian calligraphy classesWashington state
Sultan Qaboos Cultural CenterOffers occasional workshops on Arabic calligraphyWashington, DC
The Asia SocietyOffers occasional workshops on Arabic calligraphyNew York, NY
Society of ScribesOffers occasional workshops on Arabic calligraphyNew York, NY
S Joon ThomasOffers occasional workshops in Persian and Arabic calligraphyFlorida
Faraz KhanArabic calligrapher, offers classes and workshopsNew Jersey
Zubair SimabContact about upcoming workshops or classes in Arabic calligraphy and pen-makingCalifornia
Iranian Calligraphers Association of North AmericaOffers online and in-person courses in Persian calligraphy (Nasta’liq and Shikaste Nasta’liq), leading to a diploma in Persian calligraphyVancouver, Canada
Omar UddinOnline courses in multiple scriptsOnline / Ontario


Nuria Garcia MasipOffers occasional workshops in a variety of scriptsSpain
Pablo CasadoOffers occasional workshops in a variety of scriptsSpain
The British MuseumHas offered courses on Arabic calligraphy with instructor Mustafa Ja’farLondon, England
Abd A. MasoudTeaches Arabic calligraphy at institutions and privatelyAustria

Middle East

IRCICAIRCICA promotes the study of traditional Islamic calligraphy through publications and competitions, and they organize occasional workshopsTurkey
Mimar Sinan University, Academy of Fine ArtsOffers courses in calligraphy; understanding of Turkish language may be requiredTurkey
Institute of Traditional Islamic Arts at al-Balqa’ Applied UniversityOffers courses in Arabic calligraphyJordan
Majid AlyousefOffers occasional classes and workshops in Arabic calligraphyUAE
Arabic-calligraphy.comProvides online and on-site tutoring for Arabic CalligraphyCairo